dots times dots!

Life is too short for boring stickers, and that’s why we’ve always got a couple of extra dots up our sleeves. For even more kaleidoscopic plotting and planning.

your design
Stick whatever you wish.

Create your own picture into DIY artwork with sticky dots. Easy per mouse click!

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more than dotty.

Founders, mums, former colleagues and friends. In 2018 we founded our GmbH and ventured with our idea on television in the German version of "shark tank". This has enabled us to make the leap from side-project to full-time startup. Now we want to establish our ideas and our company in the market - and prove: even mums can found! So please supports us: We're happy to put you in the gut when you share your dotty products on social media. Link us and don't forget the hashtags #doton and #dotonart ... :-) Because the world must be sticky!

dots of fame

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