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Pretty planning!

Our clever planners with the colorful sticky dots are available as annual calendars, weekly planners and perpetual birthday calendars.
They are supplied in a set with numerous sticky dots and are printed on both sides, with a black front and white back.
So they offer plenty of space for individual and flexible planning.

That's how it works:

dot on
Everything planned perfectly: dot by dot!
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Our dotty planners

Just print them: dots with your photos

Make it even more personal: In the set of our planners bday and week you will find a white, printable sticky dot sheet - our print. You can easily fill it with your photos using our templates in Word and InDesign and then print them.

And if you want this for your other planners, you can also order it in our shop category "dots".

Pimp your planner

From pastel to skandy style to big bubbles: Here we have a lot of great extra dots for even more fun!

Brandnew planning: dotty plans!

With dotty plans you organize your everyday life exactly as you need it: your flexible and individual book planner with a huge sticker set is a diary, bullet journal and notebook in one and adapts perfectly to your needs!

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