dotty plans
Planning with dots - soon as a book
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All in one: calendar, notebook and bullet journal ...

We worked hard on it and tried a lot ... Now we are finally producing our latest product idea dotty plans: this is bullet journal, pocket calendar and notebook in one! With an huuuuuge sticker set for individual and flexible planning.

Do as you please!

How does it work?
Make it yours: dotty plans is a simply designed planner in book form that can be easily customized and designed using a sticker set. For flexible, clear planning and organization! Of course again with glue dots ...

What's included?
dotty plans will be the perfect planning tool for everyone!

  • Simply designed book planner with plenty of space for individual design options
  • 160 pages of high quality 100 g / m² recycled paper
  • thread-stitched brochure with embossed soft cover
  • 22 x 16.5 cm (approx DIN A5)
  • With an huge sticker set for cws, days, months, notes etc.
  • Colored textile elastic band
  • UVP: 24,90 Euro

When will I get dotty plans?
dotty plans is now being produced. We will deliver the first copies towards the end of June.


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