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Stick it nicer!

dot on art combines individuality with creative handicraft fun. By applying the dots on a poster with our dotty grid, each round image pixel can stick together to form a special DIY motif. dot on art is a creative and soothing pastime and just right for everyone who is looking for a special gift idea or would like to discover the new DIY trend in sticking.

Sticking is a lot of fun, succeeds even without any previous knowledge and also trains concentration and coordination in children.
The set includes a poster with a pre-printed dot matrix, a template and the matching sticky dots. When the picture is finished you can frame it or simply hang it on the wall with washi tape.

dot on art
DIY fun for small and large stickerfans
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DIY sets for children and adults - from super simple to dotty difficult.

Stick what you want!

Do you want one like none? Then you can also convert your own favorite photo into sticky dots. Our dotsmaker will create a very individual template for your personal DIY artwork according to your wishes.

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