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How dotty...

We are Julia and Tanja. Founders, mums, former colleagues and friends. In 2018 we founded our GmbH and ventured with our idea on television in the German version of shark tank - called "Die Höhle der Löwen". That enabled us to make the leap from a side project to a full-time startup. Now we want to establish our ideas and our company on the market - and prove that mums can founda business too!

As a hobby, we started in 2010 with our dot on wall planner. We have continuously developed this calendar for you and us: it is now available in various formats and as a birthday and weekly planner. In 2016 we had the idea to use the sticky dots even more creatively: as DIY works of art. With our online tool, the dotsmaker, you can even dot your own pictures - from the wedding photo to the favorite artist to the fur nose. And we are not running out of ideas for sticky things: you can now find brand new dotty plans in our portfolio: planner, bullet journal and notebook in one!

Do you like our products? Then we would be happy if you share your pasted things with us on social media. Please link us and don't forget the hashtags #doton and #dotonart ... :-)

Because the world has to become more dotty!

Your dotties

... and we are dotty about that too

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